Senior Software Engineer | Eventbrite, Inc. | Remote (Spain)

Senior Software Engineer | Eventbrite, Inc. | Remote (Spain)

Remote Spain
Application ends: August 17, 2024
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Job Description


Eventbrite’s business continues to grow and scale rapidly, powering millions of events. Event creators and attendees need to be empowered with new tools and technologies to assist them in having the most meaningful live experiences. Our technology spans across web, mobile, API, big data, machine learning, physical point of sale, and scanning systems.

At Eventbrite Software Engineer roles are leveled on a scale from P1 to P6. The leveling applied is based upon skill sets, experience and training. P1 and P2 Engineers have the title “Software Engineer”, P3 Engineers have the title “Senior Software Engineer”, P4 Engineers have the title “Staff Engineer” and P5/P6 Engineers have the title “Principal”.


We’ve got a culture focused on passion, kindness, continual learning, and feedback. We value collaborating and working together in small teams to solve big problems. We strive for complete team autonomy with full ownership of roadmaps and outcomes. Teams usually consist of engineers, a product manager, a designer, and an engineering manager. We support an active culture of mentorship and inclusion and commit ourselves to learning new things daily. Pair programming, weekly demos, tech talks, and hackathons are at the core of how we’ve built our team and product. We believe in engaging with the community, regularly hosting free events with some of the top technical speakers, and actively contributing to open-source software.

Team members follow an on-call rotation to ensure any issues are mitigated immediately and root causes are rectified.


We seek Senior Software Engineers to join one of our development teams in Spain. You will build beautiful, scalable, robust, and secure platforms and user interfaces that people are excited to use every day. You will solve challenging problems and contribute to Eventbrite Engineering’s culture of technical excellence, inclusivity, and mentorship. This is more than an opportunity to join an amazing team, it is a chance to impact Eventbrite’s platform and organization at scale.


Eventbrite is one of the world’s largest Django-powered sites by request volume. Python, Django, and MySQL are the primary off-the-shelf technologies in our stack. We are hosted on AWS. PySOA, our services framework builds on these core technologies. On the frontend, we make extensive use of React and Redux. However, the company is transitioning to a completely new stack (such as Kotlin, DynamoDB, Lambdas, gRPC, Step Functions, etc.) where each team will have complete ownership and autonomy. 

In this team, we are building new backend services using AWS services like Lambda, Step Functions, DynamoDB, CDK, etc. using TypeScript.


  • A passionate Senior Software Engineer with a knack for both frontend and backend development. We value versatility and appreciate the unique strengths that each individual brings to the table, whether you excel more in either area. We also believe that a diverse skill set leads to innovative solutions and fosters a collaborative work environment.
  • You have 4+ years of building applications to scale (see specific skill-set requirements below)
  • You are an efficient, practical programmer.
  • You have a record of designing and producing dependable code.
  • You are excited about working on a highly visible product.
  • You embrace the idea of making significant and visible contributions to business outcomes.
  • You care about making sure your code is maintainable and well-tested.
  • You have a holistic approach to quality.
  • You are a results-driven self-starter with great communication skills.
  • You have a track record of great collaboration skills, working closely with cross-functional partners from design, product, and/or data functions.
  • You are able to communicate with the appropriate level of context and granularity to customers, cross-functional partners, and stakeholders.
  • You enjoy teaching and mentoring colleagues.
  • You can work proficiently in English.


  • You are comfortable with ambiguity. You have a proactive attitude in resolving blockers or unknowns. You may not know exactly how to do something but you should be able to independently find a solution and be able to make trade-offs.
  • You have experience building systems using AWS services (bonus points if you’re familiar with serverless architecture) and you can make trade-offs when designing a system.
  • You have experience deploying and monitoring applications (CI/CD, building pipelines, SLA/SLOs)
  • You have experience with Infrastructure as Code (using AWS CDK, Terraform, etc.)
  • You have experience with TypeScript.