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Job seekers have been advised for a long time to emphasize action verbs/action words/power words in their job-search applications. That action verbs/action words/power words associated with "what you did" are the keywords. In the vast majority of cases, they are nouns but they can be phrases too - like in examples below:

Assisted volunteers in carrying out programs, and acted as a resource person for health promotion activities and needs.

Coached team from a _____ record to a ____ record within ___ years.

Coordinated and coached intramural sports competitions.

Coordinated with other departments, agencies, and community leaders to maintain a positive team environment.

Demonstrated personal care and attention to all class attendees, resulting in fitness centre's highest ratings on class evaluations.

Designed activities and modelled behaviours to demonstrate supportive teamwork.

Designed and presented fitness and wellness lectures to inform members of fitness and health issues.

Developed and delivered Health Promotion Programs for employees and inmates.

Developed instructional presentations to teach technique as well as sportsmanship.

Directed, coordinated, designed, interpreted and delivered individual and group sport, physical fitness, injury prevention, rehabilitation, nutrition and wellness programs and fitness testing.

Implemented technology to advertise events, including Recreation Department Web site, e-mail announcements, and newsgroup postings.

Included elements of fun in all classes, leading to ___% increase in class enrollments.

Increased membership renewal rates by counselling members regarding the fitness centre's resources, recommending additional classes, new equipment, or additional exercises.

Instilled high levels of pride in students for well-played matches.

Involved the community in park clean-up days to prepare the park for the summer season.

Mobilized a crew of volunteers to assist with park maintenance after major events or severe storms.

Oversaw and managed all daily operations of Parks and Recreation Departments to maintain safety and service.

Prepared contingency plans to anticipate inclement weather and emergencies, acting as field operations supervisor during emergencies.

Provided counselling for high-performance athletes, occupational specific requirements, diseased patients, and the general population.

Recommended improvements to fitness facilities that helped to boost morale and reduce interpersonal conflicts.

Served as liaison with the __________ (community advisory board) to communicate park issues and receive operational direction.

Served as Project Manager for __________ (project name), a $___M park refurbishment program.

Visited sites throughout the city to evaluate needs, determine a most cost-efficient method to accomplish projects within budget and make recommendations for city approval.

Sport keywords in related industries:

Use your sports keywords in all your marketing communications, including resumes, CVs, cover letter, interview follow-up letters, executive profiles and more. Carefully integrate them into the text, when and where appropriate. Be sure you are communicating a complete message of who you are and what value and knowledge you bring to the organization.

Remember, these same keywords will be the foundation for your interviews. Not only you need to be able to write about your keywords, but also you must be able to verbally communicate about them as well, in strong and powerful statements that highlight your successes, contributions and achievements.

Check the spelling and grammar of your CV or resume. Use the word processor's spell and grammar checker. If you are not confident of your ability to detect grammatical, punctuation and usage errors in English or other language or if you need help in organizing your resume or CV, send it to a professional for assistance.

Remember that your CV/resume must be targeted, scannable and generate hits. If you have difficulty with your CV writing or resume writing instead of staring at a blank piece of paper, use CV samplesCV templates, resume samples and resume templates or:

Most recruiters expect to receive a cover letter together with your CV or resume.
So, prepare a cover letter convincing the reader why you are the best candidate for the interview.
If you have difficulty with your cover letter writing use one of these:

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