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Software Developer Resume Sample

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Professional Profile
A self-motivated, goal-oriented executive with over 20 years of combined experience in corporate and educational environments.  Creative and innovative manager, administrator, public speaker, and entrepreneur, taking pride in the ability to develop and launch new and diverse products.  Recognized and sought-after public speaker, bringing a wealth of knowledge and highest levels of enthusiasm to all projects undertaken.  Possess exceptional written communication skills and the ability to incorporate ingenuity with business savvy in successful start-up efforts, marketing strategy, and product branding.
Career Accomplishments
      • Conceived and built 2 successful start-up operations specializing in Youth Electronics.
      • Invented, patented, and branded over 30 technology and education products under brands such as Girl Tech, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, Password Journal, Door Pass, Bug Em, Surfer Girl, Talk Boy FX, Yak Bak, and Discover Discs.
      • Authored and published award-winning IDG Book – 1997, and 7 articles.
      • Recognized for exceptional performance in the advancement of women by San Jose Career Action centre, YWCA of USA, San Francisco National Association of Women Business Owners, Ms Magazine, and Girls Inc.
      • Recipient of Parent Choice Software Awards: “Toy of the Year Award” (1997) and “Parent Council Award” (1997), numerous software development and internet awards.
      • Appeared on numerous syndicated television, radio, and cable programs over 5 year period, in support of women in technology and business, in addition to being the topic of over 75 published articles in newspapers, magazines, and trade journals.
      • Designed and published 1st website for the toy industry and specifically for girls.
Technical Skills
Hardware:  Macintosh G4; PC; Digital Cameras; Printers; Scanners; Network Equipment;
Wacom Tablet
Software:  Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project; Sound Edit; Palm; MP3; Toast; Painter Classic; Claris Works, Home Page; Corel Print House; Buz Plan Builder; iMovie; QuickTime; Kodak Design, Print Studio; Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop 5.0, Acrobat, GoLive 5.0; Dreamweaver; Flash; InDesign 1.5; Premier After Effects Live; Motion; Quark Express; Quicken 2001 Deluxe
Professional Experience
Business Consultant 2000 – present
      • Provide expert advice to the toy industry and inventors, regarding design, marketing direction, and product branding.
      • Employ extensive experience and background to assist in the creation of corporate identities and the development of successful business plans, revenue forecasts, and budgets.
      • Interact with musicians to manage licensing and copywriting efforts.
      • Co-produced California Music Awards.
Founder and CEO, Girl Tech Brand and KidActive LLC 1995 – 1998
      • Managed all facets of the organization from conception to the incredible success of this start-up technology and education firm.
      • Developed company from the ground floor through sale to Radica Games for $6 million.
      • Raised over $900,000 in financing through business plan development and loan negotiation.
      • Recruited, hired, and trained a high-quality team of managers, designers, programmers, artists, and engineers to create and launch electronic toys and software products.
      • Built and fostered strategic relationships and partnerships with Fortune 100 and 500 companies such as Hasbro Toy Group, Interval Research, PC World, and Microsoft.
      • Remained responsible for market research, forecasting, budgeting, personnel management, staffing, professional development, product branding, and all other administrative processes.
Founder and President, Kid One For Fun, Inc. 1992 – 1995
      • Grew start-up organization from concept through product design, strategic marketing, and product launch.
      • Developed and implemented financial models and business plans, exceeding all original expectations and resulting in the launch of several newly invented toys that sold millions.
Product Manager, Broderbund Software, Inc. 1988 – 1991
      • Remained responsible for the management of product lifecycle from inception to publication and release.
      • Designed and implemented cost models, financial analyses, and business plans for new SKUs.
      • Administrated and monitored activities related to the development and integration of graphic, sound, and programming elements.
      • Developed, integrated and ensured compliance with all quality control processes, including test plans.
      • Created and maintained interpersonal relationships with public personalities, as well as local, regional, and national television, radio, and newspaper reporters, ensuring continuous and positive press coverage of newly released products.

Educational Doctorate – Organization and Leadership – 4.0 GPA
Master of Education – Technology Emphasis – 4.0 GPA
University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Pursuing Art and Design Coursework
Marin College, San Rafael, CA – 2002

Completed Economics, Financial and Managerial Accounting and Finance Coursework
Dominican University, San Rafael, CA – 2001

Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential – 4.0 GPA
Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences – 3.5 GPA
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Child Development Certificate and Specialist – 4.0 GPA
Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences – 3.5 GPA
Palomar College, San Marcos, CA

Author, Inventor, Educational Software, Business Consultant, Analyst, Product Development, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Branding, Operations Management, Design, Fundraising, Administration, Training, Professional Development, Teacher, Instructor, Executive, Budgeting, Models, Team Building, Quality Control, Product Testing, Speaker, Spokesperson

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