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IT Director Resume Sample

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Contributing significant impact to cost reduction and profit maximization through innovative technology planning, sound operating standards and procedures, and reliable IT infrastructure.

Forward-thinking IT professional with extensive experience delivering cost-effective hardware/software infrastructure for Fortune 500 companies serving thousands of employees and customers. Demonstrated strengths in corporate engineering, technology implementation, and management of diverse technical teams. Received numerous awards and bonuses for exhibiting excellence in performance, productivity, and growth strategies. Core competencies include:

• P & L Oversight • Strategic Planning • Growth Strategies
• Organization Change • Total Quality Management • Network Operations
• Capacity Planning • Technology Scalability • Strategic Partnerships
• Business Systems Engineering • Systems Integration  

2000 to 2005
Selected to lead strategic planning, technology direction/initiatives, and daily management of LAN/WAN and telecommunications operations serving 100 employees and 10,000 customers. Managed design and implementation of major upgrades; supported help desk operations, and oversaw data architecture planning.  Improved the company’s response to critical IT projects by developing a 24x7 nine-person department.

Performance Highlights:

  • Built innovative, award-winning information portal to support $35 million in funding opportunities, company’s first intranet, and seven additional foundation web sites.
  • Provided industry insight and technology expertise to develop the foundation’s premier knowledge management organizational database with three new corporate-wide business systems.
  • Increased readership by 80% and generated $1.8 million annual savings by developing a knowledge web portal for housing and community development agencies.
  • Saved company over $60,000 in annual costs and increased productivity by deploying new telephone system and equipment.
  • Reduced marketing expenses by $500,000 annually by creating a comprehensive customer database program.
  • Eliminated 45 processes through automation, lowering operating costs by $500,000, and removed 100% of manual tasks by conceiving and incorporating “Technology HarvestFest”, an innovative series of process improvement projects for each business unit.

 DIRECTOR, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYAmerican Institutes for Research, Washington, DC
1998 to 2000

  • Developed and implemented corporate-wide hardware and software standards for five site locations and 600 employees.
  • Structured information system policies and procedures; instituted IT training programs; and evaluated emerging technologies, products, and services.

Performance Highlights:

  • Produced the company’s first strategic technology plan and budget addressing key issues like staff development, software and hardware upgrades, and operating policies.
  • Converged technology systems for five different locations into one central system with 99.5% availability and lower system downtime.

 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MANAGERQ-Tec Transnational Corporation, Research Triangle Park, NC
1997 to 1998

Supported Chief Information Officer with integration efforts of new corporate acquisitions for rapidly growing research organization. Provided technology leadership for Messaging Services, LAN Services, Desktop Services, Application Development, Wide Area Data and Telecommunication Communication Services for 10,000 employees. Chaired executive committee for World Wide Notes implementation for 15 international offices. Enhanced company’s internal communication data exchange systems by leading deployment and migration planning team and selecting new, worldwide e-mail/ knowledge sharing system.

Performance Highlights:

  • Reduced downtime and lost data costs by $1.1 million and simultaneously increased work productivity by implementing a new operating system.

 LAN OPERATIONS MANAGERFinancial Planning & Home Loan Corporation, Tyson’s Corner, VA
1994 to 1997

Initiated organizational and operational development for 15 nationwide IT sites serving 5,000 employees. Supervised 24-hour network operations for 91 Novell, 15 Windows NT LANs, and company-wide Microsoft Mail network. Handled vendor negotiations, project specifications, and administered a $6 million budget. 

Performance Highlights:

  • Orchestrated successful relocation of 3,000 employees to 12 regional sites including two new building locations with complete computer room set up.

 SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER, National Health Research Institute – Rockville, MD
1992 to 1994

Supervised full life cycle and maintenance/support contract for five labs and offices. Expanded services included the development of network centre, standard operating procedures, technology assessment, and system upgrades. Provided ongoing technical oversight and staff management. Administered project budget exceeding $5 million.  


Bachelors in International Politics, Law, and Organization - American University, Washington, DC
Operating Systems: Windows 98 / NT / 2000, Linux, Novell Netware, Macintosh, UNIX, IBM Mainframe
Servers & Workstation: Hewlett Packard, Compaq, IBM, and Apple
Software Applications: MS Office, WordPerfect, Exchange, Lotus Notes, PeopleSoft, Citrix, Plumtree Portal, Cold Fusion, SAS, Anti Spam, and Gifts

IT Executive Management Certification ~ Fundamentals of Finance for the Technical Executive ~ Contracts Strategy & Negotiation Skills ~ Types of Contracts and Contract Administration ~ Grants Management Certification Training Leadership Training ~ Customer Service ~ Project Management


Society for Information Management
National Association of Female Executives

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