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Chief Executive Resume Sample

This reverse chronological resume format lists job experience starting with your most recent position and ending with your first job. Is widely accepted and is applicable to most job seekers. The reverse chronological order resumes are easy to read and can highlight career growth.

This format suit those whose career goals are clearly defined and whose job objectives align with their work history. Check the reverse chronological resume advantages & disadvantages. The reverse chronological order resume format is preferred by most job recruiters.

In addition, you may search for resume samples by industry or by career situation and enhance your resume with keywords by industry.


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 Chief Executive Profile
Consumer Packaged Goods • Durables / Food • Beverages / Agribusiness
Venture Capital ~ Private & Public Companies ~ Family-Owned Operations

Aggressive and influential leader with the vision and talent for developing and executing winning strategies and inspiring teams to embrace change and achieve a mission. Provide the strategic direction to “break the mould” through creative innovation and solve operational problems in competitive arenas. Effective in high-profile executive roles within global markets leading revitalization and growth for both small and large businesses in startup or turnaround situations. Understand what is needed to effect change that involves all stakeholders. Thrive on handling difficult situations and carrying out high-risk decisions. Strengths include:

· Mergers / Acquisitions / Joint Ventures· Business Globalization
· P&L & Revenue Growth· Product / Service Strategy & Rollout
· Financing / Fundraising· Complex Contract Negotiation
· Divestitures· Corporate Culture Change & Transitioning
· Redeployment of Assets· Partnerships / Strategic Alliances
· Vision, Strategy & Execution· Relationship Management

 MBA – Finance • University of Minnesota • 1982

BS – Agriculture • Kansas State University • 1979

 Executive Leadership Strengths

  • Record of success delivering consistent revenue growth while boosting RONA during startup, growth phases, and turnarounds – position companies for long-term growth.
  • Contribute to enterprise-level vision, strategy, decision-making, and leadership to improve operational efficiency and performance levels.
  • Evaluate market, competitive environment, and company position to optimize current and future opportunities. Work with all stakeholders to garner buy-in and build excitement.
  • Solid background leading expansion initiatives in global markets.

Career Synopsis

JERRY’S FOODS INC., Roanoke, VA1995 - 2005

$260 MM / 1500 employee CPG stand-alone snack food company with a franchise and company-owned direct store delivery network serving retail, food service, institutional and co-pack channels.

President / Chief Executive Officer / Director
Recruited based on solid business acumen, proven expertise delivering results, and an innovative thinking approach to turn around operations. Developed a top-performing team to implement strategies and record the Company’s best year on record. Resolved liquidity issues and refocused under-performing organizations. Groomed Company for sale at a substantial premium to pre-debt enterprise value.

  • Exceeded all financial budgets during tenure, improving RONA by 16%. Delivered 32 consecutive quarters of improved operating income, cash flow, and top-line growth.
  • Amplified EBIT at a compounded annual rate of 65%; raised ROE from negative to over 12%.
  • Improved pre-debt enterprise value from negative to over $115 MM.
  • Completed five financings, reduced debt, and paid a substantial dividend.

$150 MM / 300 employee, U.S. and Canadian stand-alone ethnic CPG company serving retail, foodservice and private labels.

President / Chief Executive Officer / Director
Recruited and mentored a world-class team to develop and lead the execution of a tactical turnaround.

  • Propelled enterprise value more than 3X via streamlining and the development of new customers and channels.
  • Boosted EBITDA from 1.7% to 9% of net sales reinvesting in brand, product, and market expansion.
  • Accelerated RONA from 3% to 27%; increased national share by 4.5 points and met or exceeded all budgets.
ORANGE-CO., INC., Bartow, FL1989 - 1991

NYSE vertically integrated $500 MM sales company with 700 FT & 900 seasonal employees serving retail, foodservice, private label, industrial and export beverage, and perishables markets. Synergistic business in agricultural production and real estate.

President / Chief Executive Officer / Director
Challenged to design and implement a distressed financing strategy to forgo an imminent Chapter 11 filing. Transformed Company into a stable, higher-margin enterprise with a diversified product mix.

  • Designed a new team to execute tactical and strategic revitalizations.
  • Redeployed more than $100 MM in assets, slashed debt, invested in core operations, and paid a 7% dividend.
  • Grew EBITDA from 2% to 11% of net sales increasing net profit to a historical high.
  • Increased RONA by 7 points meeting all quarterly and annual budgets.
BUTTER WORLD., Farmington Hills, MI 1986 - 1989

$6B co-op serving consumer packaged goods, agribusiness, livestock, dairy, energy and crop input markets.

Corporate Vice President
Tapped to provide executive leadership to four independent vertically integrated operating companies involved in CPG red and white meat retail, food service, and institutional channels. Integrated contract livestock/production/processing with 2,100 employees and sales of $650 MM. Led the creation of a highly profitable domestic/international start-up. Sold portions at above-market multiple and internally integrated others.

  • Unified four struggling businesses into one successful integrated enterprise format.
  • Constructed new teams credited with increasing ROA to 14% from 3%.
  • Generated $100 MM of enterprise value while meeting or exceeding all annual budgets.
  • Consolidated production and distribution reducing break-even points moving from 5% to 9%.
  • Expanded national share by 7 points and regional shares by 8 points.
BEEF LAND, Minneapolis, MN1981 - 1986

World’s second-largest boxed beef processing company with 5,000 employees and sales of $2.3B.

President / C.O.O.
Recruited to lead co-op’s largest business and prepare division for sale.

  • Increased enterprise value over four times while exceeding all financial budgets.
  • Converted a manufacturing-driven company to a customer orientation with a 7% lower breakeven point.
  • Expanded RONA employed from 1% to 17%.
  • Redeployed $150 MM of non-core assets to new products, market expansion, and technologies.
  • Launched CPG offshore joint venture generating $350 MM in highly profitable annual sales.
  • Prepared company for sale at an above-market multiple.
Director of Marketing1980 - 1981
Marketing Manager1979 - 1980

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