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Real Estate Salesperson Resume Sample

This reverse chronological resume format lists job experience starting with your most recent position and ending with your first job. Is widely accepted and is applicable to most job seekers. The reverse chronological order resumes are easy to read and can highlight career growth.

This format suit those whose career goals are clearly defined and whose job objectives align with their work history. Check the reverse chronological resume advantages & disadvantages. The reverse chronological order resume format is preferred by most job recruiters.

In addition, you may search for resume samples by industry or by career situation and enhance your resume with keywords by industry.



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  • Accomplished Real Estate Salesperson with experience in sales, business development, marketing, strategic planning, and client relationship management within the field of real estate.
  • Possess State of Nevada Real Estate License.
  • Proven success leading business development efforts, expanding client base, and increasing revenue potential within real estate organizations.
  • Skilled in improving client retention levels within highly competitive real estate markets.
  • Surpassing sales objectives on a consistent basis due to sound sales acumen.
  • Exceptional leadership abilities concerning team initiatives.
  • Adept at communicating with title companies, escrow companies, lenders, and third parties throughout the entire real estate sales process.


Coldwell Real Estate – Las Vegas, Nevada
2006 – Present
Real Estate Salesperson

  • Maintained full responsibility for preparing and showing model homes to prospective buyers.
  • Played a key role in establishing a rapport with prospective buyers to determine housing needs, urgency, and ability to purchase.
  • Led efforts to monitor traffic flow and identify areas of successful marketing tactics.
  • Fielded high volumes of inbound client calls concerning various properties.
  • Executed clerical functions including preparing correspondence, filing documents, maintaining records, and arranging appointments.
  • Served as the representative to many home builders in the Las Vegas valley.
  • Developed sales reports, as well as the status of construction reports successfully.
  • Conducted various home buying financial programs.

Metro Realty – Las Vegas, Nevada
1991 – 2005
Real Estate Salesperson

  • Managed all facets of real estate transactions for a diverse clientele.
  • Conducted property showings and open houses on a regular basis.
  • Evaluated prospective residential properties and determined accurate listing prices.
  • Negotiated sales and purchase contracts.
  • Prepared and submitted offers.
  • Spearheaded business development efforts and expanded client base.
  • Introduced strategic marketing plans that increased revenue levels.
  • Played a key role in increasing client retention within a saturated market.
  • Cultivated positive and enduring relationships with all clients.

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Other Real Estate Salesperson Resume Sample Info

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Good luck with the Real Estate Salesperson resume sample.