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Member, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Bar, and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania State University
Juris Doctor
Pennsylvania State University
B.A., Economics
Defender Association of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Staff Attorney
1999 - Present
• Conduct complex litigation in Common Pleas and Municipal Courts.
• Clients included both adults and juveniles, with a background in handling delinquent/dependency, mental health and elderly cases.
• Involvement in all aspects of litigation including preliminary hearings, pre-trial motions, trials, post-trial motions, and sentencing.
• Extensively researched and reviewed both statutory and case law, and utilized strategic planning to formulate a defence.
• Counseled and prepared clients and witnesses for court, including interviewing and trial investigation.
• Established priorities and expedited workflow of over 90 cases weekly.
• Met all court deadlines timely and accurately.
• Remained calm in crisis situations and made logical decisions under immense pressure.
• Interrelated with people of all ages and backgrounds, including extensive interaction with prosecutors, courtroom staff, judges, and judge's staff.
Court of Pleas, Chicago, IL
Law Clerk / Student Law Clerk
1998 - 1999
• Assisted in preparing criminal judicial opinions.
• Wrote memoranda related to PCRA petitions, omnibus pre-trial motions and post-sentence motions, and other orders of the court.
• Conducted legal research and analysis on state and federal statutory and case law.
• Managed outstanding motions list. Filed court reports -- First-Degree Murder forms and Pa.R.J.A. 703 reports with the Administrative Office of the Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC).
• Monitored and minimized courtroom downtime. Assisted in preparing civil judicial opinions and disposed of outstanding civil cases remaining on the docket, including civil settlement conferences.
Citizens Criminal Defense Fund, Chicago, IL
1997 - 1998
• Oversaw three misdemeanour cases in conjunction with the law school clinical program.
• Contacted and interviewed bailed and incarcerated clients.
• Conducted preliminary field investigations.
• Researched and prepared for preliminary hearings and summary trials, and negotiating pleas.
Court of Pleas, Pittsburgh, PA
1996 - 1997
Performed research on various legal issues pertaining to family law (civil and criminal). Prepared legal briefs and other paperwork. Observed and assisted in the courtroom.
The Law Offices of Branston Hicks, Pittsburgh, PA
1995 - 1996
Close interaction with this solo practitioner. Performed research on employment law which entailed sexual, racial, and national origin discrimination, and sexual harassment. Prepared complaints for federal district court suits. Wrote legal memoranda.

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