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Customer Service • Human Resources • Financial Management • Operations • Sales Merchandising • Inventory Management • Payroll • Purchasing • Loss Prevention
• Solid P&L management, training, strategic planning, budgeting, financial reporting, and leadership qualifications. Lead companies to substantial revenue gains by establishing sales goals, initiating cost containment processes, providing hands-on training and motivating personnel. Well informed in current best practices.
• Self-motivated, results-driven manager; understand overall industry position and appropriate competitive strategies in market development. Readily visualize the target and identify steps required to attain the goal. Creative and effective in capturing cost reductions, e.g., through performance training, employee retention and strict inventory controls.
• Skilled in staff training, development and performance management to meet/exceed operational and financial goals through performance/quality improvements and adherence to established procedures. Team player; establish standards for self and others, embrace visions and see the "big picture."
• Computer literate; proficiency includes MS Excel, MS Word, People Soft, LRT scanner, and Internet research and communication.
Howe's Home Improvement Warehouse
1996 - 2003
• Profitably managed 114,000-118,000 sq. ft. home improvement stores with 150-220 employees and annual sales volume of $25 million-$45 million with a product inventory of $6 million (45,000 SKUs). Oversaw $600+K weekly inventory purchasing to procure merchandise mix specific to location's demographic needs. Tracked inventory and implemented systems to reduce inventory shrink.
Houston, Texas
2001 - 2003
#80, San Antonio, Texas
1999 - 2001
Houston, Texas
1998 - 1999
#173, Austin, Texas
1996 - 1998
• Achieved $45 million in annual sales and $6.7 million in net-before-taxes. Managed operating budget up to $7 million at approximately 15.5% to sales. Consistently improved sales performance and produced bottom-line profits in each facility by ensuring superior customer service, efficient staff scheduling, and appropriate product merchandising while maintaining the facility's physical appearance.
• Spearheaded numerous cost-saving initiatives:
• Achieved the best employee turnover/retention rate out of 60 stores in the region.
• Inventory Shrink -Reduced inventory shrink from $500+K at 2% to sales down to $220K at .97% to sales by introducing new programs and executing existing procedures. Maintained this standard in all facilities.
• Labor Scheduling - Implemented effective automated labour scheduling, reducing man-hours while improving productivity. Introduced night stocking of merchandise, decreasing labour to process freight by 25%.
• Supply Management Program - Resulted in 35% savings in supply expense.
• Delivery Income/Expense - Turned around significant loss in delivery to break-even status by accurately calculating load, time and distance.
• Bad Checks / Cash Over-Short - Introduced in-store campaign with expectations and rewards, reducing losses by as much as $10K annually.
• Implemented operational and management changes to dramatically boost profits in every facility under my management, e.g., in-store #270, increased profits 48% ($2+ million). Oversaw several expansion projects as well as numerous major re-merchandising efforts in excess of $500K each.
• Hired the best possible staff; facilitated appropriate training and emphasized customer service.
• Drove customer service standard in each store.
• Boosted customer satisfaction through numerous initiatives:
• Through proper scheduling, eliminated major front-end operations problem (long lines at cash registers) as well as sales floor department coverage issues.
• Created program to verify customer accurately received product in undamaged condition.
• Improved communication and accountability by adding a missing element to the corporate Manager On Duty Program, providing direct access to the manager.
Century Supermarkets
1987 - 1996
Managed 12,000-62,000 sq. ft. grocery stores with 25-300 employees and annual sales volume of$6 million-$35 million with a product inventory of 60,000 SKUs.
#904, Wichita Falls, Texas
1995 - 1996
#897, Vernon, Texas
1990 - 1995
#901, Wichita Falls, Texas
1987 - 1990
• Achieved the highest volume of $35 million in sales and $2+ million in profits out of 50 stores in the chain.
• Succeeded in a challenge to keep store productive while overseeing 12-month, $7 million construction project adjacent to the facility being replaced. The new facility recorded a profit in the first financial reporting period-a first in company history.
• Spearheaded the use of a computerized staffing program, which optimized efficient use of employee time during peak and off-peak store hours.

Recent training topics include:

• Conflict Management Training
• Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor
• Harassment Training
• Substance Abuse in the Workplace
• Diversity Training
• Dale Carnegie, Effective Public Speaking
• Essentials of Communicating with Diplomacy and Professionalism

Descriptive terms of personal strengths in the workplace based on professional Personality Profiling
Objective ~ Realistic ~ Looks for Logical Solutions ~ Competitive ~ Excellent Troubleshooter
Goal-oriented ~ Ambitious ~ Innovative ~ Responsible ~ Accurate
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

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