55+ Slack Statistics & Trends [2024]

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How many users does Slack have? 

How much time do users spend on it? Are these paid users?

If yes, why do they pay for it? What advantages do they get? Are they satisfied with using it? Can’t they work without Slack? 

Are these questions buzzing in your head, too? Wanna get answers? 

Well, Slack is used by 32.3 million users daily, which is expected to rise to 47.2 million in 2025. 

Out of these, only 200k pay for its services. 

To know more, read the following Slack Statistics

Most Interesting Slack Statistics: Editor’s Pick 

  1. In 2023, Slack is expected to generate $5967 million in revenue. But even after this, Slack has not booked profit since its launch, its loss-making.
  2. Slack saves businesses $2.1 Million in productivity.
  3. In 2019, 96% of Slack traffic was direct.
  4. Most Slack users use it for free; only 200k users pay for its services.
  5. Around 80% of Fortune 100 organizations are Slack users.
  6. Slack holds a 33.95% market share in the business communications software sector.
  7. Slack’s customer retention from week to week is approximately 90%.
  8. In the 2nd quarter of 2023, Slack contributed 12% of the total Salesforce revenue.
  9. Slack usage resulted in a 32% reduction in emails and a 27% decrease in meetings.
  10. Out of Slack’s top 50 customers, approximately 70% are Office 365 subscribers.

How Many People Use Slack Daily?

In 2023, Slack reported 32.3 million daily active users. In 2024 and 2025, this number is expected to rise to 38.8 and 47.2 million, respectively.

The number of users reported over past years is – 

YearSlack’s Daily Active Users
20198.7 million
202012.6 million
202119.2 million
202225.7 million

How Many People Use Slack Monthly? 

As of 2023, 54.1 million people use Slack each month. But this number is anticipated to grow to 65 million and 79 million in 2024 and 2025, respectively.

The number of reported active monthly users in past years is – 

YearSlack’s Monthly Active Users
201914.6 million
202021 million
202132.2 million
202243.1 million 

Slack Use Stats

  1. Users dedicate over 90 minutes each day to working on Slack.
  2. Every week, 5 billion actions, like sending texts, commenting, etc., are performed by Slack users. 

Over 1 billion of these weekly actions are performed through mobile devices.

  1. Each weekday, Slack surpasses one billion usage minutes.
  2. Users typically spend about 9 hours logged in on Slack on weekdays.
  3. 74% of Slack users prefer sending messages through public channels.
  4. New York has the most Slack users.

Slack Use Across Different Industries

The computer software industry uses Slack the most, with a percentage of 16% (2118 companies).

companies using Slack by industry

What Are the Advantages of Using Slack? 

  1. Teams using Slack have shown a boost in productivity.
Increase in ProductivityNumber of Businesses reporting an increase
More than 100%33
No increase144
  1. Companies using Slack show the ability to bring their products to market 23% faster than their counterparts.
  2. 79% of businesses report an improvement in their team culture after using Slack.
Impact of Slack on Team CulturePercentage of Organizations 
Improved team culture 79%
Don’t have any idea if team culture is impacted10.4%
Don’t impact team culture10.6%
  1. 87% of Slack users reported an improved ability to work remotely.
  2. 68% of Slack users depend on it to complete their work.
  3. The teams using Slack work 35% faster.
  4. Employees are happy using Slack. 74% reported that they would be unhappy if Slack’s use is discontinued.
  5. 91% of Slack users feel that they are more connected to their teams.
  6. Slack usage reduced weekly tickets by 2,500.
  7. Enterprises using Slack experience a 13% increase in arranged contracts.
  8. Slack users are 28% faster in making decisions and responding to clients.
  9. Sales teams using Slack are reportedly 5 times more likely to succeed in getting a deal.
  10. The integration of the Slack API handles over 3,800 queries per week.
  11. Sales teams using Slack give 21% faster response time to sales leads.
  12. The Slack hosts over 2,000 apps and 750 bots.

Does Slack Affect Mental Health? 

Yes, slack impacts the mental health of a person positively. The following stats proves so – 

Employees using Slack are more satisfied with their companies compared to others.

83% say that Slack makes them happy.

73% of the users reported that it keeps them from feeling lonely.

74% reported it makes them laugh.

87% say it has a positive impact on work relationships.

87% Slack users say it has a positive impact on work relationships

Slack Valuation 

After achieving unicorn startup status in 2014, Slack’s valuation nearly tripled the following year.

Talking about 2023, Slack is valued at $26.5 billion.

Other Interesting Slack 

  1. Slack employs more than 2,545 individuals.
  2. Most of these workers are at the Slack headquarters in California.
  3. Slack has expanded its presence globally with 11 offices across 7 countries, including New York City, Toronto, Denver, Vancouver, Melbourne, Pune, Tokyo, Paris, and London.
  4. 43% of small-size businesses use Slack.
  5. Slack is accessible in more than 150 countries and supports communication in 12 languages.
  6. In 2019, 5.3% of law firms in the United States used Slack.
  7. Globally, 7.3% of developers use Slack.
  8. The launch of Slack received 8k requests on the first day and 15k by the end of the second week.
  9. Slack underwent 300 rigorous security tests to get the FedRAMP Agency Authority to Operate.
  10. Slack holds nine certifications and attestations.

Frequently Asked Questions – 

What are the top companies that use Slack?

Industry giants such as IBM, Amazon, Airbnb, and PayPal are among the large companies using Slack.

Is Slack worth using? 

Well, it depends on you. If you need its services, it’s totally worth using because more than half of its users have given positive feedback.

Do large-size businesses also use Slack? 

Yes, 19% of large-size companies (over 1k employees) use Slack.

Which country has the most Slack users? 

No, 55% of Slack customers are in the US, and 7% are in the UK.

Closing Note…

Slack is one of the best collaboration tools, with a user base of 32.3 million daily users, and according to some reports, this user base is expected to reach 47.2 billion by 2025. 

Though it’s a loss-making platform, its positive impacts are evident. Employees who use it feel more connected to their teams. Many even feel satisfied and productive. 

With users in around 150 countries and a valuation of $26.5 billion, this tool is really helping people a lot. 


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