Why Don’t We Want to Return to the Office? Discover the Unexpected Perks of the Work-From-Home Lifestyle!

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So, get this:

90% of bosses are saying they’re gonna push more for us to head back to the office in 2024.

Yeah, really.

But hey, 25% of us are like, “No way, I’d rather switch jobs than go back to that office life.”

So what’s the big deal with working from home, anyway?

We asked over 3,000 employees who work from home what the main reason is that keeps them from returning to the office.

And the reasons? They’re kinda unexpected and quirky!

Doing House Chores While On the Clock

23.5% say working from home means they can handle chores and have more time on weekends

House chores, am I right?

Let’s be real, who’s got the energy or time for that after a long day? And weekends are for fun, not chores.

23.52% of people say they want more chill time on weekends, and that’s why they sneak in some chores while working.

Check out the household chores we’re all juggling during work hours:

  • Laundry tops the list with 54.74% saying it’s their go-to chore. It’s quick and easy to do between calls.
  • About 16.41% are into doing a full-on house cleaning.
  • Dishwashing gets a nod from 14.99%.
  • And for those with a yard, 13.86% are out there mowing the lawn.

Having Your Own Bathroom

19.1% of folks are so into having their own bathroom that they'd rather just work from home than go back to the office

The comfort of your own toilet is a huge luxury!

Turns out, it’s the second biggest reason we’re dodging the office, with 19.10% of people agreeing.

But do we really like our own toilets that much? Or is it an aversion to public toilets that’s the main reason?

Here’s why we’re all about that private bathroom life:

  • Top of the list? Our own toilet paper. 35.89% just can’t deal with the scratchy stuff at work.
  • The sounds we make in the toilet are embarrassing for us, which is why 20.91% of people prefer the privacy of their own bathroom.
  • For 20.21% of people, a bidet’s a big deal – and good luck finding that in a public loo!
  • Then there’s 14.11% who just don’t want the side-eye for multiple bathroom breaks.
  • And hey, 8.89% just really value a clean toilet.

More Comfy During That Time of the Month

11.4% of woman, being at home during their period is a big reason they prefer working from home

Landing in third place with 11.44% of the vote is the comfort of dealing with menstruation at home.

And let’s be real, for a lot of women, this is probably the top reason.

Why’s being at home for that time of the month a big deal?

  • 43.90% of women pointed out dealing with painful periods is way easier at home.
  • Snuggling in a blanket with a hot water bottle is key for 23.26%.
  • Privacy matters for 21.80% during this time.
  • And 11.05% just find it easier to stay on top of hygiene at home.

Hanging with Your Furry Pet

for 8.9% the best part of remote work is being with their pets while they work

We can all agree, right? Having your pet around while you work is a stress-buster.

That’s why 8.92% say having their furry friend by their side is a big perk of home office.

Why we love our pets joining our workday:

  • For 36.94%, it’s all about pet cuddles.
  • Dog walks are a must for 33.21%.
  • And 29.96% just love a play break with their pet.

More Time for You, Less Commuting

7.8% of people say the best part abiut working from home is skipping that commute and saving time

Getting ready, commuting, and then the trek home – it eats up hours!

No surprise, then, that 7.88% are loving the extra free time working from home gives them.

And what do we save the most time on:

  • 36.71% are happy to ditch the commute.
  • Getting ready in the morning is the main time-suck for 33.33%.
  • And 29.96% are multitasking by eating at their desk, skipping the lunch rush.

Lunchtime Your Way

7.1% of people are loving their home lunch setup too much to leave

7.15% of us think lunch at home beats lunch at the office, hands down.


Because at home, you can eat what you want, how you want, without the office crowd judging.

Here’s why home lunchtimes rock:

  • 42.33% are loving lunch in the garden.
  • 33.95% are tired of the fancy lunch pressure at the office.
  • And for 15.35%, office lunches are just plain dull – home offers way more options.
  • Working from home, we don’t have to worry about preparing lunch, 8.37% appreciate the convenience of having their kitchen right there.

Breaks That Don’t Suck

for 4.39% of people, chilli time at home beats office breaks

Office breaks? Yawn. Coffee, smoke, snack – that’s it.

At home, though, it’s whatever floats your boat.

4.39% are here for those creative break times.

What do we get up to?

  • 28.79% use work breaks to lie in bed.
  • A short walk is key for 24.24%.
  • Calling friends or family is important for 21.21% of people.
  • 16.67% of more active people spend break time on physical exercises.
  • And 9.09% are gaming their way through breaks.

A Little Naughty Time

4.29% of people reckon a break for some bedroom fun is a pretty cool reason to work from home

Okay, this wouldn’t fly at the office, but at home? Why not!

4.29% are all about sneaking in a bit of fun during the workday.

65.89% of those giving the above argument admitted to taking a break for sex with their partner during work.

And 34.11%? They’re enjoying some solo time.

More Time for Kids

2.46% believe that having extra time for their kids makes working from home totally worth it

Office hours plus commute means less time with the children.

So, 2.46% are really valuing that extra time with their kids working from home brings.

How are they spending this bonus time?

  • 43.24% are on school drop-off duty.
  • Another 28.38% are helping get the kids ready in the morning.
  • And the same percentage is using it for some quality playtime.

Other Cool Reasons

But wait, there’s more!

Check out these other great reasons we’re sticking to home offices:

  • Silence, sweet silence! 1.90% are here for the peace and quiet, not the office buzz.
  • At home, 1.90% love setting their own pace without the boss breathing down their neck.
  • Sneaking in a shower? 1.53% say yes, please.
  • Not condoned, but hey, 1.20% are enjoying a cold one during work hours.
  • For 1.16%, long meetings are a chance to multitask, thanks to wireless headphones and a talkative manager.
  • Working from the garden? 1.10% are all for it.
  • And 1.10% are loving the convenience of being home for deliveries.
  • Plus, 0.96% are into the no-dress-code vibe.

Wrap Up

So, as you see, we’re all about working from home for tons of reasons.

Mostly, it’s the little comforts that count!

Given that more folks are asking about remote work in job interviews, should bosses really be pushing for that office return?


We conducted an online survey among 3,000 people working from home in December 2023.

The respondents were 48.7% male, 50.3% female, and 1% identified as other.

This survey has a confidence level of 95% and a margin of error of 3%. Given the gender and age composition of our sample, the study’s findings are statistically significant for the general population.

This study was developed through multiple research stages, crowdsourcing, and surveying. Data scientists reviewed all survey participants’ responses for quality assurance. The survey also included an attention-check question.


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