CivicActions [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

CivicActions is a dynamic company that collaborates with public sector institutions to strategize and implement large-scale software projects. Our approach is centered on achieving tangible outcomes and assisting agencies in fulfilling their missions. We employ agile methodologies and human-centered design, fostering a culture of openness, learning, and collaboration. Additionally, we leverage modern technologies and emphasize continuous improvement.

Our team operates remotely, allowing us to draw talent from across the globe. This distributed workforce comprises experts in agile development, open data, and free and open-source software. They share a common passion for enhancing government operations. CivicActions has accumulated years of experience in the public sector, equipping us to address the evolving needs of today’s government effectively.

We have had the privilege of working with prominent clients such as the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, U.S. Department of Defense, and the Smithsonian Institute, among others. Our involvement with these institutions underscores our capability to handle complex and significant projects. CivicActions is also listed on the GSA Information Technology (IT) Services, Schedule 70, offering pre-negotiated terms and conditions to government customers and prospective suppliers alike.

For those interested in remote opportunities, CivicActions presents a variety of roles that cater to professionals eager to contribute to meaningful projects from any location. This flexibility not only enhances our team’s work-life balance but also enriches our collective output with diverse perspectives.

Engagement with CivicActions means becoming part of a mission-driven effort to make government operations more efficient and responsive. We are committed to transparency in all our dealings and continuously seek to exceed expectations in every project we undertake.