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Faire, established in 2017, has rapidly become a pivotal platform for small businesses aiming to thrive in a competitive marketplace dominated by giants like Walmart and Amazon. This company champions the underdog, providing a digital marketplace where local retailers can discover and purchase products from independent brands worldwide. Faire’s commitment to empowering entrepreneurs is evident in its support for millions of small businesses across North America, Europe, and Australia, which represent a significant portion of a trillion-dollar market.

The company’s core values are deeply ingrained in its operations. Faire prioritizes serving its community by leveling the playing field for smaller entities competing against much larger corporations. They are committed to truth and transparency, constantly striving to uncover and share accurate information to foster growth and understanding. Ownership is another critical value, with every team member encouraged to adopt a founder’s mindset, focusing on quality and effectiveness over the scope of their roles.

Moreover, Faire embraces risks and celebrates resilience, maintaining a dynamic and supportive work environment. Kindness and direct communication are also paramount, ensuring a workplace where diverse perspectives are valued and collaboration is encouraged. Importantly, Faire offers remote job opportunities, allowing professionals from various locations to contribute to their mission. This flexibility supports work-life balance and attracts top talent from around the globe, further enhancing their diverse and innovative team.

In summary, Faire is not just a marketplace but a community builder and supporter of local economies. By offering remote positions, they extend their inclusive culture beyond physical boundaries, promoting diversity and flexibility. As they continue to grow, their impact on local businesses and the global market is undeniable, making them a key player in the future of commerce.