Fluxx [Remote Jobs]

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About Fluxx

Fluxx stands as a premier provider of cloud-based grants management software, trusted by over 300 world-class foundations and government organizations globally. This platform revolutionizes grantmaking by leveraging data to refine decision-making processes and amplify impact. Among its users are 10 of the top 20 foundations, collectively distributing over $13 billion each year to more than 150,000 non-profits.

Recognizing the increasing demand for flexible work environments, Fluxx proudly offers remote job opportunities. This initiative supports a diverse workforce and fosters inclusion across various geographical locations. By doing so, Fluxx not only adapts to modern work trends but also attracts top talent from around the globe, ensuring a broad range of perspectives within its teams.

Fluxx’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in its continuous updates and feature enhancements. These improvements are driven by feedback from its extensive user community and an understanding of the evolving needs of grantmakers and recipients alike. The company’s dedication to service excellence makes it a leader in its field, helping clients achieve their philanthropic goals with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

For those passionate about making a difference through technology and philanthropy, Fluxx provides a dynamic and supportive environment. The company values creativity, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence, making it an ideal workplace for individuals aiming to contribute to meaningful change in society.

In summary, Fluxx is more than just a software provider; it is a key player in enhancing how foundations and government entities manage and allocate grants. With its powerful tools, dedicated team, and commitment to remote work, Fluxx is uniquely positioned to continue leading the charge in grants management solutions.