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GumGum is a pioneering force in the digital advertising industry, dedicated to revolutionizing how brands engage with consumers. Our mission centers on empowering advertisers to launch creative campaigns that captivate audiences without relying on personal data. This approach is effective across both existing and emerging digital platforms, ensuring scalability and relevance in a rapidly evolving market.

Our platform stands out by offering next-generation contextual intelligence, industry-leading ad creatives, and comprehensive tools for measuring and optimizing campaign effectiveness. These capabilities allow us to gauge consumer mindsets accurately, driving both attention and decisive action. At GumGum, we are committed to advancing advertising strategies that respect user privacy and deliver measurable outcomes.

Internally, GumGum cultivates an inclusive, vibrant workplace where creativity thrives. Our core values include thoughtfulness, agility, and grit. We listen actively, adapt swiftly, and tackle challenges with relentless energy. These principles guide our interactions and our relentless pursuit of client solutions, whether they’re internal stakeholders or external partners.

With a significant presence on the global stage, GumGum is leading the shift towards a cookie-less future in digital advertising. Following a substantial investment from Goldman Sachs Growth and strategic acquisitions in Europe and Australia, our influence continues to grow. Our headquarters are in Santa Monica, California, but our operations span across continents with offices in North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe, serving a diverse clientele.

As we expand, GumGum proudly offers remote job opportunities, allowing our team of 480 professionals to contribute from anywhere in the world. This flexibility not only supports our employees’ diverse needs but also enhances our collaborative efforts and the innovative solutions we provide to clients globally.

By fostering a culture of respect, innovation, and determination, GumGum remains at the forefront of the advertising industry, committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients and maintaining a dynamic and supportive work environment for our team.