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Launch Potato, a dynamic technology-first publisher, excels in connecting advertisers with consumers through data-driven strategies and innovative tech solutions. Established by a quartet of young, ambitious entrepreneurs, this company has rapidly ascended as South Florida’s fastest-growing startup studio. Their expertise lies in leveraging data, science, and a touch of fun to cultivate profitable digital enterprises.

Operating from the lively downtown Delray Beach, Florida, Launch Potato proudly manages a portfolio of leading direct-to-consumer brands. These brands consistently attract millions of users, showcasing the company’s ability to scale digital businesses effectively. Despite its roots in Florida, Launch Potato champions a flexible work model, offering remote job opportunities across various international locations. This approach not only taps into global talent but also fosters a diverse and energetic work environment.

As a self-funded entity, Launch Potato has thrived without external investment, relying on its high-performing, entrepreneurial team to drive success. The company’s core belief in solving complex challenges through smart marketing, exceptional engineering, and advanced data science continues to attract top-tier talent. If you are passionate about innovative solutions and a fun, results-driven work culture, Launch Potato might be your next career move.