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About Proof

Proof revolutionizes the way legal documents are served. By integrating technology into traditional processes, this platform simplifies the creation and tracking of serve requests across all 50 states. Legal teams benefit from significant time savings due to the automation of routine tasks and real-time updates.

Founded by Eric Voogt, a seasoned attorney with over two decades of experience, Proof addresses the inefficiencies in the service of process. Voogt’s firsthand frustrations with outdated methods spurred the development of this innovative platform. Today, Proof stands as the first on-demand process serving system, offering instant connections to skilled servers and immediate tracking capabilities, accessible directly from any digital device.

At Proof, we embrace a remote work model that fosters a vibrant company culture. Despite geographical distances, our team maintains close connections through regular virtual meetings where work discussions are as likely as chats about pets or leisure activities. This approach not only keeps our team united but also sparks creativity and collaboration.

Proof is not just a tool for legal professionals; it is a gateway to more efficient and streamlined legal operations. By eliminating the need for constant phone calls to check server availability and reducing reliance on physical paperwork, Proof empowers legal teams to focus on more strategic tasks. This shift not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances the overall effectiveness of legal proceedings.

For those looking to join a forward-thinking company that prioritizes innovation and team cohesion, Proof offers numerous opportunities. Our remote positions provide flexibility and the chance to be part of a cutting-edge legal technology firm. We are committed to maintaining an engaging work environment where every team member plays a vital role in our collective success.

In summary, Proof is transforming legal services with its advanced, user-friendly platform. We continue to lead the charge in making legal work more accessible, efficient, and less time-consuming, all while supporting a dynamic remote workforce.