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About Tigera

Tigera specializes in Zero Trust network security and continuous compliance for Kubernetes platforms. Their Secure Enterprise Edition broadens enterprise security and compliance measures across Kubernetes environments, accommodating on-premises, multi-cloud, and legacy systems. Additionally, the Secure Cloud Edition, accessible on the AWS marketplace, offers detailed security and compliance solutions for Kubernetes on AWS and Amazon EKS.

Major hosted Kubernetes environments like Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, Google GKE, and IBM Container Service are powered by Tigera. This integration extends to significant on-premises Kubernetes deployments and includes comprehensive solutions in Docker EE and Red Hat OpenShift.

The foundation of Tigera Secure includes leading open-source projects such as Kubernetes, Calico, and Istio. Tigera’s engineers actively maintain and contribute to these projects as part of the cloud-native community. Their expertise in securing Kubernetes is recognized globally, with deployments in major SaaS, financial services, gaming, and retail companies where stringent security and compliance are essential.

One of the key advantages Tigera offers is the flexibility of remote job opportunities. This approach not only attracts top talent from around the globe but also supports a diverse and innovative workforce adept at addressing complex security challenges in dynamic environments.

By focusing on cutting-edge technology and comprehensive security solutions, Tigera remains a leader in securing Kubernetes across various industries and platforms. Their commitment to security, compliance, and workforce diversity makes them a preferred partner for businesses prioritizing robust cybersecurity measures.