Human Resources Keywords

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Human Resources Keywords

Job seekers have been advised for a long time to emphasize action verbs/action words/power words in their job-search applications. Those action verbs/action words/power words associated with “what you did” are the keywords. In the vast majority of cases, they are nouns but they can be phrases too – like in examples below:

Aided in the development of customizedHuman Resources Computer Application.

Assessed ___ applicants per day, for potential employment, matching them to employers’ criteria for interpersonal skills, technical expertise, and management potential.

Assisted with union contract interpretation and negotiations; function as first point-of-contact with union employees.

Conductedcorporate training needs assessments. Planned and deliveredemployee development programs.

Conducted detailed analyses of employee data, assessing and identifyingtraining and skills deficiencies.

Consistently exceededmonthly quotas for qualified candidates by at least ___%.

Coordinated a School Work Program by creating and implementing new company policies that supported these efforts.

Cut chronic staff absenteeism to zero; with “all hands on deck” and improvedcommunications, departments across the company offered challenging and interesting project assignments.

Designed a highly successful and innovative Human Resource plan.

DevelopedEmployee Assimilation Program to improve new employee orientation to company policies and procedures.

Developedquarterly newsletter for company-wide distribution. Managed special corporate events.

Devised custom action plans to helpstaff meet established objectives.  Devised an inventive scheme that built staff confidence and instilled a desire to excel and progress.

Employedvideo technology to fine-tune applicants’ interviewing, communication, and presentation skills.

Encouragednetworking among placedexecutives by sponsoring annual gatherings.

Established all human resources functions at a start-up satellite office with ___ employees.

Exercisedsenior management accountability for over ___ management and staff within airline reservations, sales and customer service. Dramatically reducedattrition rate. Accountable forannual wages expenditure in excess of $___.

Implementedan MBA recruitment program to target specific needs for managers.

Implementeda $__Mreward system encouragingemployees to identifyinnovations to increasesales and control costs. Employee morale and commitmentincreased notably.

Initiated and introduced the first electronic version of the survey, which increasedthe response rate by ___% in the record time of less than ___ months.

Initiatedcollaborating with management to develop internal communications and promoteorganizational, personnel and employee developmental programs.

Initiated, developed and implemented an executive assessment program. Executives increasedskills and knowledgeby an average of ___% as a result of assessment findings.

Ledteam in the consolidation of benefits and payroll departments to achieve ___% cost reduction.

Manage administrative functions within department to include assistingHR Manager with recruitment, hiring and completion of new-hire administration processes.

Managedhuman resources software conversion, reducing average annual overtime by over ____ hours.

Managedstaff training program to ensure workforce skills aligned to corporate goals.

Organized and conducteda __-day, off-site conference that provided ____ corporate executives with leadership development and goal definition training.

Oversaw the creation of a database storing employment opportunities and available applicants to improveeffectiveness in matching needs with resources.

Personally conductedover ___interviews for applicants targeting reservations, sales, customer service, ramp, flight attendant and managerial sectors.

Preparedtraining plan to refocusemployees after a major reorganization.

PrototypedCareer Daybooth and Career Fairinterview protocols to improve company visibility and efficiency.

Provided monthly employee awareness seminars on topics such as current procedures, benefits, and policies.

Reducedturnoverrate by ___% and a number of probational hires by ___.

Reorganizedcompensation methodology to guarantee competitive reward structure.

Served as liaison with schools to streamlineinterviewing, selecting, and supervising students.

Slashed database-form processing errorsfrom ___% to zero; a turnaround that boostedproductivity and enhanced the customer experience.

Spearheaded a ___-member team that evaluated the impact of a merger on human resource activities.

Spearheadedthe development of high volume recruitment and selection procedures, inclusive of reservations and customer service areas.

Submittedproposals for appropriate employee training programs.

Trainedstaff to manage daily inquiries, verifiedemployment, conductedinterviews, analyzedcredit reports and scheduled new employee training.

Turned around a $___ million target deficit to $___ million target surplus in just ___-months.

Worked closely with over ____ employees to determine the related problems that could affect merger proceedings.

Human resources keywords in related industries:

Use your human resources keywords in all your marketing communications, including resumes, CVs, cover letters, interview follow-up letters, executive profiles and more. Carefully integrate them into the text, when and where appropriate. Be sure you are communicating a complete message of who you are and what value and knowledge you bring to the organization.

Remember, these same keywords will be the foundation for your interviews. You need to be able to write about your keywords, but also you must be able to verbally communicate about them as well, in strong and powerful statements that highlight your successes, contributions and achievements.

Check the spelling and grammar of your CV or resume. Use the word processor’s spell and grammar checker. If you are not confident of your ability to detect grammatical, punctuation and usage errors in English or other language or if you need help in organizing your resume or CV, send it to a professional for assistance.

Remember that your CV/resume must be targeted, scannable and generate hits. If you have difficulty with your CV writing or resume writing instead of staring at a blank piece of paper, use CV samples and CV templates, resume samples and resume templates.

Most recruiters expect to receive a cover letter together with your CV or resume. So, prepare a cover letter convincing the reader why you are the best candidate for the interview using cover letter writing tips.

Other Human Resources Keywords Info

Now to finalize your Human Resources Keywords topic, if your cover letter and resume or CV are ready, you may email them through an international job search to job recruiters and headhunters worldwide.

Start preparing for job interviews and check the job interview tips dos and don’ts. Also, find out why people are not hired for available jobs.

In addition, on job search, visas, work permits, cover letters, CV & resume, job interview and dress codes pages, you will find very useful tips for many different countries.

Good luck with your human resources keywords!

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