Affirm [Remote Jobs]

Employer Description

Affirm has embraced a remote-first approach, allowing team members across the U.S. and Canada to work from locations that suit them best, excluding Quebec. This flexibility highlights our commitment to accommodating diverse working preferences while maintaining open offices in major cities like San Francisco, New York City, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Salt Lake City for those who prefer an office environment.

Our mission leverages cutting-edge technology to disrupt the financial sector significantly. By focusing on simplicity, honesty, and transparency, we aim to enhance consumer experiences with financial products that are straightforward and devoid of hidden costs.

Remote opportunities at Affirm mean you can contribute from your home or any other place you find inspiring. As we expand, our need for innovative, inquisitive minds increases—individuals eager to overhaul traditional banking and make it more accountable and user-friendly.

Joining Affirm means working alongside a diverse group of people committed to reforming financial services to be more inclusive and impactful. Our culture thrives on collaboration, with every department from engineering to sales working together to influence the projects positively. Despite our growth, we maintain a close-knit atmosphere where every voice is valued and every contribution matters.

If making a tangible impact motivates you, consider Affirm as your next career move. Here, every role is critical to our collective success and our efforts to empower consumers to embrace the things they love without financial burden.