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Drips began as a small venture in Akron, Ohio, initiated by three friends with a vision and a single PHP script. This modest start quickly transformed into a sophisticated enterprise-grade technology solution. Today, we are trusted by some of the most prestigious brands globally. Our journey has been fueled by a strong work ethic and steadfast adherence to our Core Values, enabling us to scale effectively and meet various challenges.

Our team operates entirely remotely, offering flexibility and tapping into a national talent pool. This shift was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which necessitated a move from traditional office spaces to more dynamic environments. Team members now contribute from diverse settings, including home offices, coffee shops, and even while traveling in RVs. Regular interactions occur via Zoom, maintaining connectivity and collaboration.

At Drips, we prioritize health and well-being, covering 80% of health insurance premiums. Our benefits package includes comprehensive Medical, Dental, and Life Insurance options. Additionally, we support financial security through a competitive 401k plan.

Career development is deeply embedded in our culture. Embracing our core value of “TEAM,” we provide ample opportunities for cross-functional training and encourage contributions that drive company growth. We value fresh ideas and perspectives that can propel us forward.

If you are beginning your career or looking to tackle new challenges, Drips offers a stimulating and rewarding environment. Explore the possibilities with us by checking out our open roles and becoming part of a forward-thinking team that values innovation and results.

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