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About Localize

Localize operates as a dynamic translation management system (TMS) platform, serving over 500 companies worldwide. Our technology enables seamless translation of websites and applications into multiple languages. Clients such as Trello, Tinder, and RocketMiles utilize our services to make their digital content accessible globally. For a practical demonstration, visit their sites and switch languages using the provided tools.

Our system functions by integrating a simple code snippet into the client’s website or web application, akin to the Google Analytics javascript snippet. This snippet captures content from the host page and transfers it to the Localize dashboard. Here, clients can input translations and oversee their content efficiently. Once finalized, these translations are automatically updated on the client’s live site.

Localize prides itself on its fully remote workforce, comprising approximately 20 dedicated professionals. We provide competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits, catering to a diverse and talented team. By offering remote job opportunities, we attract top talent from various backgrounds, fostering a creative and productive work environment.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation in translation solutions makes us a leader in the industry. We continuously strive to improve our services and expand our reach, ensuring that every client receives top-tier support and results.

Explore the possibilities with Localize, where language barriers are transformed into opportunities for growth and connection.