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About PostHog

PostHog stands out in the tech industry by integrating product analytics, heatmaps, session recording, and A/B testing into a single self-hosted platform. Originating from Y Combinator’s W20 cohort, our launch became the most successful B2B software debut on Hacker News since 2012. Our approach is simple yet effective: build outstanding products and let them attract users organically, without relying on aggressive sales tactics.

As a fully remote company, PostHog offers flexibility and autonomy across the globe. This model promotes not only productivity but also inclusivity, allowing diverse talents to contribute from anywhere. We are committed to transparency, sharing vital information such as compensation structures, financial updates, and strategic directions with all team members. This openness fosters trust and encourages active participation in the company’s journey.

Our compensation strategy is clear and equitable, supported by a bespoke calculator that predicts your potential earnings before you apply. Regular updates on company finances and strategic meetings keep everyone informed and engaged. By understanding the financial and operational health of PostHog, each team member can see the direct impact of their contributions.

We believe in the power of feedback for continuous improvement. Regular 360-degree reviews and open channels for communication ensure that everyone, from interns to executives, has a voice. Such practices help cultivate a culture where trust and constructive feedback drive innovation and growth.

Choosing to work with PostHog means joining a forward-thinking team that values impact and innovation. Here, your work directly influences the success of products used by thousands worldwide. If you’re passionate about making a difference and prefer the flexibility of remote work, PostHog could be your next great opportunity.

Explore career opportunities with us and become part of a team that’s reshaping how products are built and improved. At PostHog, every role is critical, every contribution valued, and every voice heard.