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About Kea

Founded in 2018, Kea has quickly become a pivotal player in revolutionizing restaurant operations. With its headquarters in Mountain View, California, the company recently secured an 11M Series A funding round from an impressive group of investors. This financial boost is aiding in the expansion of a dedicated team. Members are passionate about enhancing global commerce by enabling restaurants to operate smarter and maintain direct relationships with their customers.

Kea’s initial offering, ‘kea voice,’ optimizes telephone order efficiency and consistency. This allows culinary teams to concentrate on crafting exceptional meals. By handling communication tasks, ‘kea voice’ supports restaurant staff in delivering superior service without compromise.

Kea promotes a culture based on unity and speed, emphasizing compassion, openness, and transparency. The company encourages playing strategically for long-term success. These core values drive every decision and innovation within the organization.

Additionally, Kea is proud to offer remote job opportunities, making it an attractive workplace for talented individuals across various locations. This flexibility helps in attracting a diverse group of skilled professionals who are committed to the company’s vision of smarter restaurant management.

As Kea continues to grow and develop new solutions, its focus remains on empowering restaurants to excel in a competitive industry. The team’s dedication and innovative approach are key factors in the company’s ongoing success and influence in transforming how restaurants engage with technology and their customers.

For those interested in contributing to a dynamic and forward-thinking environment, Kea represents a prime opportunity to impact the future of dining experiences worldwide.