CEO Telecommunications Resume Sample

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CEO Telecommunications Resume Sample

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Executive with more than 16 years of domestic and global experience conceptualizing ideas, seizing opportunities, building operations, leading highly successful new business development initiatives and ventures, managing mergers and acquisitions, and securing investor financing. Emphasis on telecommunications, Internet, and network integration technology, with additional experience related to pharmaceutical, utilities, construction, and gaming companies. Accomplished in identifying and capturing opportunities and developing partnering alliances to accelerate expansion, increase revenues, and improve profit. Skilled in nurturing contacts and negotiating joint venture agreements with companies in foreign countries.

Currently, a senior officer of a publicly traded company, focusing on fixed broadband wireless and free-space optical technologies. Background includes business planning for large-scale infrastructures, developing financing strategies, arranging and securing more than $80 million in debt and equity financing through venture capital and private investor groups, refinancing, complete profit and loss responsibility, budget planning, project forecasting, cost containment, frequency planning and licensing, and acquisition strategies. Extensive history of recruiting, motivating, and leading top executive management team members.


2001 – Present
Spearhead the planning and building of all operations for a startup division under Sharp Technology, consisting of fixed broadband (voice, video, and data) and free-space optical services. Report to the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Interact with senior and executive vice presidents, presidents, and chief executive officers representing telecommunications carriers, tier-one ISPs, Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs), equipment manufacturers, and government agencies for licensing. Direct the executive management team responsible for 15 permanent employees and more than 200 outsourced personnel.
• Redirected by CEO in March 2001 to procure additional development financing, while simultaneously producing an acquisition strategy.
• Designed an acquisition program to analyze 100 operating companies with annual revenues between $10 million and $15 million over a one-year time frame, reviewing 25 per quarter (targeted to yield four acquisitions).
• Executed letter of intent and currently finalizing a definitive agreement for a $12 million acquisition.
• Recruited for the purpose of building this division from ground zero.
• Created a business plan that included telecommunications, ISP, and network integration for turnkey deployment in 25 major markets within the U.S. (anticipated to generate roughly 75,000 customers from all markets with $250 million in projected run-rate revenue within three years).
• Secured an international telecommunications carrier as a business partner (expected to extend network reach, solve last-mile distance, and reduce bandwidth limitations).
HTE8, INC, Houston, Texas
1998 – 2001
Chief Executive Officer / President
Built and managed a multi-million dollar corporation from startup, providing high-end, value-added broadband ISP services and hosting solutions on the Internet. Provided leadership to the executive management team with a staff of 70 employees.
• Grew the business from ground zero to $6 million in run-rate revenue within two years.
• Negotiated a partnership with Cisco Systems as one of only five fixed broadband wireless development alliance partners worldwide.
• Expanded in 1999 by offering business-only robust (44 MBS, 20-mile range) wireless broadband ISP service.
• Negotiated a $100 million credit facility, formula-based on internal equity fundraising.
• Recruited and expanded staff to facilitate national rollout.
• Garnered an extensive network of contacts in Brazil, South America, calling on high-level telecommunications executives, as well as government and military officials.
• Negotiated and established a $100 million joint venture agreement with a large international telecommunications utility company for fixed broadband wireless in Brazil, South America.
• Divested the company and integrated services into Sharp Broadband.
• Established an international organization parallel to Hte8, Inc. with a presence in the Caribbean and partners in Amsterdam and Germany (outsourced all operations but sales and marketing to significantly control and reduce operating expenses).
1995 – 1998
Chief Executive Officer / President
Spearheaded startup operations to combine PCSS, Inc. and a full-service business Internet service provider. Offered design, implementation, and support services to generate, host, and administer web pages for Fortune 1000 customers. Supervised a management team responsible for up to 75 employees and contractors. Interacted with investors, telecommunications executives, equipment manufacturers, RBOCs, and customers.
• Grew the company in three years from ground zero to $8 million in run-rate revenue with more than 16,000 subscribers.
• Developed a partnership with a national switchless long distance company to provide bundled Internet and web hosting services across the U.S.
• Created The Mega Web Page Creator, a software application.
• Secured an additional partnership with a switch-based carrier, which lowered costs dramatically.
• Developed a package acquisition deal, contingent on the purchase of Bluegate by the switchless telecommunications company, that combined Bluegate Systems, Inc., the switchless long-distance company, and switch-based carrier.
• Negotiated financing for this acquisition which produced a strong entity that was slated to produce approximately $40 million in annual revenue.
PCSS, INC, Houston, Texas
1991 – 1995
Chief Executive Officer / President
Developed a network integration business from ground zero and led operations with up to 35 employees.
• Expanded the company to include both Unix integration and Microsoft Platform services.
• Achieved a client base of more than 300 customers, representing a wide range of companies from startup businesses to industry giants.
• Earned ranking in the Houston Business Journal’s list of The Fastest Growing Small Businesses.
• Merged company to form a full-service ISP.
MULTINET, Houston, Texas
1990 – 1991
Vice President of Sales and Technical Services
Managed a major turnaround operation, while directing all sales and technical services for this $42 million network integration company with 190 employees, including engineers, cablers, and sales representatives.
• Managed downsizing that involved a 45% reduction in staff.
• Reduced operating costs by $4 million annually.
• Achieved status as the leader for sales and integration of Novell operating systems and Compaq systems within a seven-state region.
• Negotiated a successful merger with another group to form a new company.
PHOTO AND SOUND, Houston, Texas
1989 – 1990
Sales Manager
Managed all Midwest sales operations, with offices in Houston, St. Louis, and Albuquerque, for this computer distributor.
• Initiated, developed, and led the migration from equipment to network integration and solution sales.
• Recruited and restaffed all offices following a 50% turnover of all employees in the division.
• Raised annual gross profit by 24% and reduced overall operating expenses by 40%.
• Achieved profit status for the first time in the company’s history (5% on $25 million in sales).

B.A., Business
University of Southern Texas

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