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About CoverGo

Founded by CEO Tomas Holub, CoverGo set out to simplify insurance processes for insurers, brokers, and customers alike. This vision was particularly aimed at transforming the Southeast Asian insurance landscape, which was dominated by outdated systems and slow adaptation rates. Holub gathered a team driven by a shared passion for revolutionizing this sector.

Our Mission

From its inception, CoverGo identified a critical gap in the market and aimed to bridge it. The company’s primary goal is to digitize insurance services completely, thereby enhancing service delivery to clients. Today, CoverGo stands as a significant insurtech entity in Southeast Asia, boasting three regional offices and a diverse client base that spans from Asia Pacific to Europe and the Americas.

Market Leadership

As a global insurtech authority, CoverGo has garnered numerous awards in both fintech and insurtech categories. The company is also a frequent contributor of expert opinions at various industry gatherings, media interviews, and conferences worldwide.

Remote Employment Opportunities

CoverGo embraces modern work trends by offering remote job opportunities. This approach allows the company to tap into a global talent pool, ensuring a diverse and innovative workforce. Remote roles at CoverGo are crafted to attract skilled professionals eager to contribute to the digital transformation of insurance from anywhere in the world.

Each position at CoverGo is critical, designed to propel the company forward in its mission to revolutionize the insurance industry. By providing remote work options, CoverGo not only supports work-life balance but also fosters a culture of inclusivity and productivity regardless of geographical boundaries.

In summary, CoverGo is not just transforming the insurance industry; it is also redefining workplace dynamics by promoting flexibility and diversity through its remote job offerings.